Tuesday, January 7, 2014

On our way South 9/2013

Our calendar has been full this summer and so much fun. We had a big wedding to attend and we are saying goodbye to family. The big wedding was Rachel Mather our nieces daughter and David Pratt.

Pratt Wedding  9-16-13_1

Reception was fun and we had time to visit with family. All cousins Hallie, Sarah, the bride Rachel, Renee, McKenna, and Lexi.

Hallie Sarah Rachael Renee McKenna and Lexi

Wedding Cupcakes.

Pratt Wedding Cake 9-16-13

Throwing the bouquet

Rachael and David Pratt Wedding Day Thorwing the Bouquet

When we are in Keizer we park at the Keizer Elks.

Keizer Elk's Rockey

My Mom came for a visit.

Maxine our patio Keizer Elk's

Next stop is Myrtle Point to say goodbye to Mae, Dick’s Mom. This is her yard that blooms with gusto year around.

Mom's yard & house Myrtle Point, OR 10-5-13_1

We stay at the Coquille Elks and coming home one evening we came across turkeys. More than likely trying to escape the Thanksgiving Dinner.

Wild Turkeys at Coquille Elk's 10-5-13

They have a Harvest Festival in Myrtle Point every year. Classic cars line the streets.

Harvest Festival in Myrtle Point, OR10-5-13_1

And 50’s entertainment.

Harvest Festival in Myrtle Point, OR10-5-13_4

Just one of many unique cars.

Harvest Festival in Myrtle Point, OR10-5-13

Next stop is Hawthorne NV.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hop Farm Tour in Keizer OR 9/2013

Our Nephew Paul took us on a tour of a local hop farm. The hops are ready for harvest.

Visit Hops Farm 9-16-13_22

From the field to the barn.

Visit Hops Farm 9-16-13_1

We inspect what a hop really looks like. Paul with Larry, Linda, and Rockey.

Visit Hops Farm 9-16-13_2

This is what they look like. If they split exactly down the middle like this they are ready to harvest.

Visit Hops Farm 9-16-13_3

The truck brings them in and they are hung not to dry but to go through a series of conveyor belts and machinery to shake the hops from the vines.

Visit Hops Farm 9-16-13_5

It takes the hops off and the vines go to be ground up and eventually put back into the field.

Visit Hops Farm 9-16-13_8

Another view of the machinery. The hops are headed to a drying room.

Visit Hops Farm 9-16-13_9

We walked to the top to look down on the process.

Visit Hops Farm 9-16-13_11

Ready to follow the hops to the drying room

Visit Hops Farm 9-16-13_13

There they go into the drying room.

Visit Hops Farm 9-16-13_10

The drying process.

Visit Hops Farm 9-16-13_14

When they are totally dry they are sent to the packing room.

Visit Hops Farm 9-16-13_17

They are packaged into tightly packed bales.

Visit Hops Farm 9-16-13_19

Then loaded onto trucks.

Visit Hops Farm 9-16-13_21

They are their way to a special processor in WA. Most are dried and vacuum packed in Mylar. So at that point they are returned to OR for storage and sales distribution.