Monday, March 26, 2012


Day 1 Sunday, we arrived at the Foretravel plant and we were greeted by Carol & Jeff. They knew the layout of the facility and what to expect tomorrow. We got parked and hooked up. Visited with other Foretravel owners that were here for various reasons. 3 of the coaches are leaving tomorrow for Extreme that does awesome paint and repair work.

This is Jeff & Carol

Camp FT Carol & Jeff

John & Ruth

Camp FT John & Ruth

Goggle aerial view of Foretravel. We are parked on the left hand side of the large building.

GoogleEarth Foretravel

Day 2 Monday. We are up early and Dick is inside talking to Billy Jack and giving him our list of things to look at. They took the coach in and started diagnosing the aquahot leak. It is in the coil but they will have to take it out tomorrow to see if it can be fixed or they have to send it in. I went and picked up the new TV that was waiting for us at Wal-Mart, did a little shopping and picked up our mail. The installer and cabinet guy and Dick looked at the new TV and found out it is not going to work because the screw holes for the bracket are too flimsy. Drove to Lufkin and found a Samsung at Sam’s Club.

The Aquahot has at least 1 leak probably more. It is not repairable needs to be replaced with a reconditioned unit.

FT our Aquahot leaks there

Day 3, 4, 5, 6. Here it is Friday. They are finishing up the TV installation and the MCD Shades.

New TV Install


MCD Shades

It has rained off and on all week so we sit around here and watch daytime TV go to lunch a couple of times. We have not heard from the Warranty Co  yet on the other repairs except that they want the cancelled check for the service we did on the aquahot. The weekend is here and the weather is supposed to get worse.

Day 7 & 8 Saturday I did the wash, enjoyed our new shades and TV. Sunday morning I found some water on the dash and the new day shade was wet. Dick went up on the roof and found one of the screw holes had a hole in the tape. He reinforced the hole and spread more tape around.  Before lunch the thunderstorms started and we had a number of weather alerts. Severe thunderstorms and a tornado watch until 7pm and finally a flood warning. It was a long day. We found more water on the dash. We tore out the insulation and I stuffed towels in wherever I felt  a puddle of water. Soon the towels were wet, got more, put the wet ones in the dryer and started over.

Day 9 Monday. No more rain today. They are doing an alignment and checking the pads this am. Wayne found a rotor that needed to be replaced and the pads on that same side. The parts are here so they will finish this project up tomorrow.