Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mesilla, NM

We got a recommendation from a friend about this town very near Las Cruces and in my plans for heading back to CA I found my notes from them and decided we needed to spend 2 days and visit this town and eat lunch at La Posta which came highly recommended.

We got a very early start from Fort Stockton and when the sun came up it was gorgeous.

Sunrise east of Las Cruces, NM

Mesilla is a very old quaint town. Soldiers raised the US flag in this plaza 11/16/ 1854 marking the signing of the Gadsden Purchase.

Mesilla, NM 2-25-13

The Butterfield Overland Trail came through here 1858 – 1861 it was the forerunner for the Pony Express. They were going to bring the railroad through here but the town didn’t want it so Las Cruces became the more important city and this town remained the quiet little town.

Lunch at La Posta was excellent. The restaurant is laid out in small rooms each decorated a little bit different.

Mesilla, NM 2-25-13_6

The salsa was the best we have ever had and we ended up buying some to bring home.  

Mesilla, NM 2-25-13_7

We had a great day in Mesilla so if you are ever in Las Cruces take a little time and visit here you won’t regret it.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Texas and Back

Nacogdoches is a very pretty town, a college town with the Sam Houston State University in the center of it. The Visitor Center is downtown on Main Street.

Downtown Nacogdoches, TX2-19-13_3 

Thomas Rusk Statue.

Downtown Nacogdoches, TX2-19-13_2

A new sculpture was dedicated while we were here.

Downtown Nacogdoches, TX2-19-13

On Valentines day we took off and drove up to Kilgore and toured the East Texas Oil Museum

East Texas Oil Museum, Kilgore, TX (11)

Interesting layout in the museum. Old trucks,

East Texas Oil Museum, Kilgore, TX (3)

old cars,

East Texas Oil Museum, Kilgore, TX (2)

Step into a full-scale town of stores, people, animals, and machinery.

East Tx Oil Museum Tyler, TX2-14-13_4

East Texas Oil Museum, Kilgore, TX (10)

We stopped in at the General Store went to the Drugstore where they have this juke box.

East Texas Oil Museum, Kilgore, TX (4)

Rutted streets

Boom Town, East Texas Oil Museum, Kilgore, TX (2)

At the Barbershop you can listen to the news of a new gusher.

East Tx Oil Museum Tyler, TX2-14-13_11

There is a theatre where you can watch historical footage of the boom period and what it feels like when you get a blowout gusher. We took an “elevator ride to the center of the earth to where the oil deposits lie”.

Mural of a city block in town that was wall to wall oil rigs.

Rockey at East Texas Oil Museum, Kilgore, TX

Today that city block is a park with the replicas of some of the oil rigs.

East Texas Oil Museum, Kilgore, TX (12)

We left Nacogdoches on Friday 2/22 for Temple TX and the Elks Club. From Temple we took Highway 190 to I-10 near Fort Stockton. No traffic on Saturday nice highway and interesting to be driving across Texas and seeing something other than trucks and freeway. We stayed the night in Fort Stockton at the Eagles.

Eagles LodgeFort Stockton, TX2-25-13

Next stop Las Cruces, NM

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lake Medina TT & San Antonio

There is no lake at Lake Medina because of the drought in West TX. The ranger told us to see any water besides the creek running through the dry lake bottom is at the dam at the end of the lake. It is 60 feet below what it should be.

On one of our walks Dick took this picture of these strange vines that look more like tree limbs.

Vines Medina Lake TT 3-3-13

One of the reasons we enjoy this park is the deer that are everywhere.

Deer at Medina Lake TT

I put out some bird feeders and the deer thought we had put them out for them.

Deer at Medina Lake TT (3)

Dick went to see if they would be scared off and they were not.

Dick feeding deer Medina Lake TT (2)

I of course had to try it too.

Rockey with deerMedina Lake TT 3-3-13_1

I learned this year at my 50th high school reunion that Mike DeBusk lives in San Antonio. I called and we made a date, he and Terri came and picked us up and we drove into town. First stop was The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Little Flower.

Church San Antonio, TX 3-3-13_9 

Wonderful old Catholic Church. None of our pictures did it justice.

Church San Antonio, TX 3-3-13_1

Next was lunch at Mi Tierra what wonderful food it was some of the best Mexican food we have had.

Mi Tierra Lunch Mike & Terri DeBuskSan Antonio, TX 3-3-13_2

Mi Tierra Lunch Mike & Terri DeBuskSan Antonio, TX 3-3-13_1

Terri & Mike

Our last stop was the SAS Shoe Factory. They still make the children’s shoes by hand.

Sas Shoe Factory tour San Antonio, TX 3-3-13

They have a display of old cars and farm equipment then inside there is rows and rows of shoes.

Sas Shoe Factory tour San Antonio, TX 3-3-13_1

We had a great day with Mike & Terri.

Next stop is Nacogdoches and the Foretravel Factory. 

Trip to Texas

We left Oregon on Jan 5th and headed south on 101. First night was spent at the Eureka Elks. Next stop was the Napa Elks where we stayed 2 nights and visited the downtown area the next day. There are a number of murals and sculptures around town.

Napa, CA Mural (2)

Napa, CA Sculpture

We found out that Napa was the birthplace of the Loudspeaker and Magnavox.

Napa, CA Sculpture (3)

After lunch we came across this interesting place that was quickly filling up with kids. An outdoor skating rink.

Napa, CA Ice Rink

Next stop was San Luis Obispo Elks for 1 night then on to Indian Waters in Indio where we stopped for 2 weeks.

I volunteered for the Humana Challenge and I had a great time.

PGA West Palmer Course

Went to dinner with friends at Sloan’s

Thompson's & Fortre's at Sloan's

Marla & Dick                                 Mel & Phyllis

Dinner at Sloan's w Bauer, Thompson & Fortre

Rockey & Ken                                              Ken & Judy.

As you can see Dick was playing with feature on his phone that stitches 2 pictures together.

It was take a clown to dinner night and this clown was eating at the next table.

Ken Bauer & Clown

After 2 weeks we were ready to start our trip to Texas destination the Foretravel Factory in Nacogdoches. We planned stops in Casa Grande, AZ, Las Cruces, NM, Medina Lake TT in TX.