Sunday, November 24, 2013

Our Summer in Oregon

Dick got to go to some of Wyatt’s baseball games while I was in Colorado. This one was played at Alpenrose and they won.

Wyatt's Baseball Team Wins

Also at Alpenrose they have a Velodrome. This particular day they had races going on. These riders were warming up.

Alpenrose Veladrome1

Dick took Wyatt down to the park to fly the Champ.

Wyatt fly's the Champ

When I got back from Colorado it was time to visit Seaside at the Thousand Trails Park. And we were there for the Annual Beach Volleyball Tournament in July.

Crowd for volleyball

Center Court.

Center court volleyball

Our friends Ken, Sherrie and Lexi (grandpa, daughter, & granddaughter) before her game started.

Sherry Lexie & Ken at volleyball

Ken & Judy’s Granddaughter was playing in the tournament. So it was fun watching them play. This was the second day.

Lexie & Tayson volleyball (7)

Looking good.

Lexie & Tayson volleyball (10)

And here we are rooting her on. Judy and Carolyn, Ken, Me and Andy.

Watching volleyball (2)

On another day we went on a road trip with Mike. He showed us where he spent some of his childhood. First stop was the view from Bradley Park.

Rockey Mike at Bradley View Pt (2)

Dick Rockey Mike at Bradley View Pt

Then we drove down to Clifton to find the boat landing to Tenasillahe Island where Mike’s grandparents lived.

Boat landing to Tenasillahe Is

Clifton Store and Post Office.

Clifton Store & Post Office

Inside the store.

Interior Clifton Store

The other buildings are in much better shape and lived in.

Clifton Buildings (4)

From Seaside we moved across the Columbia River to Seaview and the Long Beach TT Park.

Long Beach TT Entrance

With walks on the beach,

Beach on walk from Long Beach TT

Climbing on the rocks,

Rockey on rocks

And walking through the neighborhood there was a lot to see.

Seaview WA Home (3)

We enjoyed free Pool at Morgan’s on Sunday

Morgan's free pool on Sunday's Rockey

and kite flying at the beach.

Kite flying on Long Beach

We found a serpent in a yard,

Serpent Seaview

and a very nautical yard.

Nautical Yard Seaview

In August we met good friends Al & Doris in Pacific City for lunch. They were at the TT Park and we were back in Aloha. We ate at the Pelican Pub. Wonderful food and great view.

Pacific City Pelican Pub The View

Pacific City Haystack Rock

After lunch we went for a walk on the beach. Rockey with Al & Doris.

Rockey Al Doris Pacific City

On the way home we took Hwy 6 and stopped at the Tillamook Forest Center.

Tillamook Forest Center

Rockey Tillamook Forest Center

Didn’t have much time to look around, looks like someplace we will want to come back and explore.

Tillamook Forest Center (3)

Dick with Smokey the Bear at the front of the visitor center.

Dick & Smokey Tillamook Forest Center (2)

Stay tuned for September highlights and our trip south.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Colorado 7/2013

I was able to make the most fantastic trip to Colorado with our daughter Paris and granddaughter Lexi. Destination was Loveland, CO and the reason for the trip was a softball tournament (girls 14 & under). Our route started at Starbucks and Fred Meyer in Beaverton where we met up with Mike & Kameron. We car-pooled through OR into ID and into UT where we were going to spend the night.

Near Twin Falls we were surrounded by dark clouds and lightening in the distance. Lexi got this shot by taking a video with her phone then did some magic to get this shot.

Lightening 1

When we turned south into Utah the clouds parted and not a drop of rain fell.

We did stop in Utah but after having dinner the vote was to go on. We drove to Evanston, WY and spent the night. By this time it was getting dark so Paris drove. The night was dark and the bugs were fierce it sounded like heavy rain on the window.

The sun was out when we hit the road east to Loveland CO. Lots of new scenery for all of us.


Tunnel through the mountain.


Got checked in at our destination motel; went to get ice and some groceries. Met all the parents and team. Tomorrow the team will check in and exchange team pins with the other teams.

Rip City posing at the opening day of the Sparklers 2013 Tournament.


We got the chance to go to a rodeo and fair at the Island Grove Regional Park.


It was an entertaining rodeo and the girls had a great time.


The stadium.


When the rodeo was over we walked around the fair and the girls rode on some of the fun rides. And NO I didn’t go on any rides. Lexi is having a great time.


Wonder if she will have this smile when the ride is over?


Game Day and the sky is clear.


Lexi is up to bat.


You know you are in Colorado when a small elk walks through the park.


We planned our trip back to OR and realized that it was only 100 miles further driving through WY stopping at the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.

Our first stop was the gravesite of Sacajawea …


clouds blew in with lightening and thunder. Almost like the Indian Spirits were telling us to take cover.


Driving into Jackson WY for the night we encountered another thunderstorm. Lexi got another great shot.

Lightening 2

Marshmallow clouds time to run for cover.

Marshmellow Clouds 

The next day it started out foggy but turned into a perfect day in the Grand Tetons.


Next stop is Yellowstone Nat’l Park.


Lexi, Kameron, and Emma

Lexi Kameron and Emma

The Grand Prismatic Spring


Then Old Faithful


Old Faithful and the girls Kameron, Emma and Lexi.


Grand Canyon of Yellowstone


We spotted an Osprey nest. Hard to make them out but they are there.


Other wildlife spotted was a Bison




And a bear. We were so excited to actually see a bear.


Gorgeous sunset to finish out a perfect trip.

sunset on the way home