Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hidden Valley, Tijeras, NM

We got to Hidden Valley RV and it was nice to be in the trees again. Our first walk was up old Route 66.

Our morning walk along Route 66

We came across this car on one of our walks

Chrysler Imperial 1961 I think

We drove up Highway 14 to Sandia Crest, our first stop was the Sandia peak ski lodge.

Sandia Ski Lodge

We stopped and had a coffee break in the woods and tried to spot the birds we could hear signing.

Rockey Sandia Mtns NM

We drove to the top where there are trails a gift shop small café and many antennas.

Sandia Crest drive

Sandia Crest drive Summit

Walking the trails at this elevation is somewhat tiring. We did take this trail on a quest to see the Three-toed Woodpecker. Which we did not see.

Sandia Crest drive Dick

When we talked to the rangers they recommended stopping at Capulin Springs and we found this great little spot with running water that the birds just loved. 



Here are some of the birds that we saw.


Black-headed Grosbeak


Chipping Sparrow


McGillivray’s Warbler, was the favorite. We just saw this bird for the first time at High Island Texas but this was a much better look at one and for a much longer time.