Thursday, September 22, 2011

Osprey Point RV Park in Lakeside

We came back down the coast to be able to have a base to attend a family reunion in Waldport. We drove to Myrtle Point and picked up Dick’s Mom and Rowdy her puppy for a couple of days visit before the reunion.

Osprey Point RV (2)

Rowdy is a good name for her dog, got out only once without a leash but I was afraid we would not be able to catch him.

Rowdy 8-5-11 in Motorhome

Dick and I stopped at the Darlingtonia Wayside in Florence.

Darlingtonia up close

This strange plant lures bugs in and then eats them. They grow in bogs. Here is a diagram of the flower. We haven’t been there when it is blooming.

Darlingtonia Diagram

They are still thriving in Florence.