Monday, August 15, 2011

Newport Whimbrels

On our walks on the beach we would see these birds with long bills. Couldn’t quite get near enough to really see them. One of the walks we remembered the binoculars and got a closer look.




We found the Whimbrels.


On another day we drove up to Agate Beach and Yaquina Head.

Agate Beach (4)

Would you believe this is Agate Beach Miles of sand in strange shapes and piles. NO agates! No rocks at all.

Agate Beach (2)

Next stop was Yaquina Head Natural Area. We walked down to the tide pools.

Yaquina Head Light (2)

Yaquina Head Light (5)

We walked over the these round rocks to the tide pools.

Yaquina Head Light (8)

We had a great day exploring, we had not been to Yaquina Head in a few years and were pleased to see the wildlife coming back.

Whalers Rest & Newport

It was rainy driving over and and a mist the next day. Then the sun came out and was gorgeous the rest of our stay. Sometimes it was foggy in the am but clear by noon. 

Whaler's Rest camp site

We have started walking every morning. We have been walking the beach in the morning when the tide is low, the sand is hard and makes for easy walking.

Rockey jogging on beach

That’s me jogging to catch up. Some days it was foggy in the morning.

Whaler's Rest beach foggy

We would come come back wet and bedraggled looking. And this day was especially so since we had just walked 9 miles.

Dick & Rockey after long beach walk

Theresa and Megan were camping at South Beach State Park. We spent some quality time with them and took them crabbing on the dock in Newport.

Megan & Theresa on crabbing dock

Megan on the left Theresa on the right. First time Megan had been crabbing. Megan crabbing

She got the hang of tossing in the crab ring. We caught quite a few but only a few keepers.

Megan posing with crab

This one is definitely a keeper.

Theresa's camp site South Beach SP 

Went back to South Beach and Megan & Theresa fixed a great salmon dinner.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Foretravel Repair

When we bought our coach there was some minor damage to the passenger side rear panel. A minor encounter with a fender on a truck added to it.





MH Scrape repair 002

MH Scrape repair 017

Mose doing his magic.

2011-07-09 11.40.30


2011-07-10 11.24.01

He does fantastic work.

Mose and his 66 Cadillac DeVille Restoration

Our son-in-law is amazing when it comes to anything he sets his mind to fix or work on. He can fix anything and has helped us numerous times. His current project is this Cadillac.

Mose '66 De Ville restoration (7)

He has taken the whole thing apart cleaned sanded sprayed it with primer and is now putting it back together.

Mose '66 De Ville restoration (10)

Engine looks new.

Mose '66 De Ville restoration (8)

This will be the final color.

Next will be the repair he did to our coach. Looks brand new.

Fourth of July

I better hurry and get this done before another 4th of July comes around. Our day started with Wyatt’s Little League Baseball Game. Had a great time watching the games. Then onto Ben’s house for a BBQ with the family. Ben is our son-in-laws brother. His view is amazing.

Ben's pool & view (2)

The pool is a salt water pool.

Kitchen was fantastic but then again so was the entire place.

Ellen in Ben's kitchen

Ben's pool & house

We had a great time and got home in time for the local fireworks from the neighbors in the Aloha area.