Sunday, July 31, 2011

Graduation and Blaze

We had a granddaughter Chayla, graduate this year from High School.

Chayla graduation

Dad Waiken Chayla and Mom Jennifer.

She will be heading to University of Oregon in the fall.

Chayla UofO

The next weekend of our stay in Seaside I took off for Aloha and joined Paris, Lexi, Hallie and her friend Mattie for a weekend of Fast Pitch Softball in Bend.


Warmups before the game.


Lexi pitching.


The weather was perfect for softball. This strange looking rainbow appeared in the sky. 


Tournament is over and Blaze did fantastic and came in second.


We have started walking in Keizer and kept it up in Aloha. In Seaside we found it nice to walk to the promenade and then north. We tried to find a different route every day.

Seaside promenade 2011-06-25 07.33.27

Seaside Promenade

Seaside on a walk

I loved this garden and back yard of this place along the promenade.

Another day we walked north along the Necanicum River to where is runs into the ocean.

Seaside 2011-06-22 07.11.07

We went and visitedJim Doty shop & stuff 2011-06-21 14.34.04 with a high school friend of mine who lives near by. He restores old cars and does a fantastic job.

Jim Doty paint booth 2011-06-21 14.19.49

Paint booth

Jim Doty Rat Rod project 2011-06-21 14.48.48

Jim says this is his Rat Rod project.

Family & Friends

Our summer has been busy but lots of fun. We got to go to a Concert in the Park, it really was the field in back of Mt View Middle School. The band put on their last concert of the year. We were amazed how wonderful the music was.


Lexi our Granddaughter plays the French Horn.


To think next year they might not have the music program they had this year because of cutbacks in the school is a crying shame.

Next came Sayer’s birthday party. We walked to a local small park and the kids had a great time playing ball. Well maybe it just wasn’t the kids.


That’s the birthday boy and grandpa.


Ella & Matt. Ella is Sayer’s sister and Matt is Dad.


Tracy is Mom.

Next we are on the way to Seaside for 2 weeks and giving the kids a rest.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Went to Pam & Rogers, my sisters place for dinner. They have a great back yard.

Pam & Roger's yard

Pam & Roger's

Rachael & Maxine at Pam's

My Mom and my niece, Rachel.

Spring continues with flowers and family.

From Coquille we stopped in Eugene for a couple of days then on up to Keizer Elks. We have started walking every morning. The spring flowers are gorgeous.

Blue Iris (2)

Blue Iris.

Brown Iris

Reddish Brown Iris

Yellow Iris

Yellow Iris

We I say that Keizer is the Iris city with a festival every year.

Red azalea

Azalea’s These were trimmed like a small hedge.

Coquille Elks


Our view out the front window overlooking the golf course. We had lots of birds to watch this year including some wild turkeys and deer.


American Goldfinch


Pine Siskin they liked to take over and became very aggressive.


Here is what they look like when they are calm.


Purple Finch.

Mom’s birthday party was fun with friends and family.

Family & Friends Mom's 90th birthday

Mom 90th birthday

Our Spring and Summer

We have had a busy spring and summer so far with family and friends. It started in Klamath Falls where it was still winter at the end of April. We were there to see what kind of birds were flying through heading north. With the help of 2 friends we were able to Identify 3 new birds for us. We stayed at Round Lake RV Resort.

Evening snow Round Lake RV

We did not expect snow. Our first birding trip was supposed to be in the morning. As it turned out we did make it out with the car and the snow melted by the time we came back.


Dick got some great pictures of this Swainson’s Hawk at the Lower Klamath Refuge.


We thought there was something wrong with all the White Pelicans we saw because they had this funny growth on on their beaks. We found out that they grow this in the breeding season both males and females.

The next stop was Coquille Elks and Dick’s Mom’s 90 Birthday.