Sunday, December 11, 2011

Show Low

10/20/2011 and it was hot here in Apache Junction so we decided to head to the mountains and visit Show Low to cool off. Bill, Karen, & Lucy came with us. We drove to Globe and had breakfast at Jerry’s. They have great food and reasonable prices. We stayed on Hwy 60 driving north. The drive through the Salt River Canyon is gorgeous. We made a number of stops to take in the view and take pictures.


Bill & Karen with Lucy.


The scenery was out of this world.


The road winds down to the river and then back up. Finally we reached Show Low. The history of how Show Low got its name is very interesting. There was a ranch claimed by Marion Clark and Corydon Cooley. A creek made its way through the little valley and provided water for irrigation and cattle grazing. Sometime around 1876 the partners knew that one of the should leave but could not decide which one.

A card game would settle the issue. The game believed to have been called “seven-up” began and lasted through the night and into the early morning hours. Clark finally told Cooley “Show low and you take the ranch.”

Cooley turned up a deuce of clubs and won a reported 100,000 acres, the cattle, crops and buildings. a century later the main street through the town was named “Deuce of Clubs”.

Corydon Cooley was the 1st Postmaster when Show Low was approved for a post office in 1880.


We had our pictures taken with Marion Clark & Corydon Cooley.


The weather was perfect in the 70’s sunny, and no wind.

We took a different route home and stopped for a short visit at Fort Apache. It was and Army Post from 1870 to 1922 and a Boarding School since 1923. It was getting late and we still had a long ways to go to get back home so we didn’t take the tour which would have included the historic park and the Kinishba Ruins. Maybe another time.

It was a great day and by the time we got home it had cooled off here in the valley to a respectable 85.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park

We heard about a bird walk at the Arboretum and decided to visit and take in the walk. It is a great place with exhibits from different deserts. Sonoran Desert, Australia Desert, Pine Grove, Chihuahuan Desert, South American Desert. Queen Creek runs through the park so that includes a Riparian area.

Boyce Thompson (3)

Amazing rock formations

Boyce Thompson

Magma Ridge

Boyce Thompson Lowland Leopard Frog

And this cute little fellow a Lowland Leopard Frog.

It was a fun day and the weather was great. Next day trip will be to Show Low with Bill & Karen.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Apache Junction

!0/1 we arrived at Sunrise RV Resort. Our home for 3 months, first time in 10 years we are going to sit in one spot. It seems like a very nice park and very empty right now.

Sunrise RV entrance Dick

Now this area is planted with all colors of petunias. It is very colorful driving into the park.

This is the office, lounge area and pool room.

Office Sunrise RV


Lounge Sunrise RV

Pool Room

Pool Room Sunrise RV

Our site

Our patio Sunrise RV

We have had some storms since we have been here but not the monsoon kind. Great sunsets. This is looking out our front window.


We got here on a Saturday and found out that the Lost Dutchman Superstition Museum was free this weekend. We made plans to go visit on Sunday.

Lost Dutchman Museum

20 Stamp Mill


20 Stamp Mill

AZ Yellow Bell

AZ Yellow Bell


AZ Brittlebush

On the grounds of the museum they have moved the Elvis Chapel along with the barn and a saloon from a western movie set that burned. I had my picture taken with Elvis in the Chapel.

Rockey & friend Elvis

On one of our walks we came across this huge Saguaro on a vacant lot.

Lrg Saguaro Rockey Apache Junction

Monday, November 7, 2011

Las Vegas

We arrived at Las Vegas TT and parked near Walter & Margaret friends we met in Texas our first year traveling. We are only here for 4 days and my bucket list is way too full. To make things harder it is supposed to be hot.

Las Vegas TT 

Our site, yes it look like we are sitting pretty close together and you would be right. Sam’s Town is close so we decided to go eat there after taking in the Hoover Dam and the new bridge. Walt & Margaret went with us.

Sam's Town Casino (2)

The food was good at TGI Friday’s. We walked around the casino and the garden area.

Water feature & Eagle at Sam's Town Casino

Water feature at Sam’s.

Bear at Sam's Town Casino

The new Hoover Dam bridge is very impressive.

New bridge at Hoover Dam

Mike O’Callaghan is a former Governor of NV and Pat TIllman all American football player that was killed while serving in the military in Afghanistan. 

New bridge at Hoover Dam (3)

The new bridge.

New bridge at Hoover Dam (2)


View from New bridge at Hoover Dam (2)

This is a view from the new bridge.

Dick and Rockey hoover dam

Margaret & I walked all the way across the bridge this is about where Walter & Dick turned back.

Walt and Margaret

Walter & Margaret

Dick & Walter

Dick & Walter waited for us in the shade. We made one more stop to take in the view of Lake Mead. Then on to Sam’s Town to eat.

Lake Mead

Sunday, October 23, 2011


We are on the way to Sunrise RV Resort in Apache Junction. We will be staying there for 3 months. First stop in UT is at Richard & Faye’s place in Plain City.

Richard & Fae Painter visit - Plain City, UT 001

Richard & Fae Painter visit - Plain City, UT 002

Marble counters, Dick loved the kitchen.

We parked in the front of the house and stayed in the guest room as it was very hot while we were there.

Next stop was St George where we stayed at the Elks club. The electric was very low and we ended up running our generator to cool off at night.

St. George Elk's (9)

The scenery is outstanding.

St. George Elk's (6)

Very nice grounds with a war memorial.

St. George Elk's (3)

The club overlooks a golf course.

We are here to visit good friends Tim & Becky and see their new home.

Greenfield Visit Washington, UT

Greenfield Visit Washington, UT - Becky & Tim

Front porch that overlooks the city below. They have a great view of the city lights at night.

Greenfield Visit Washington, UT

This is what the patio looks like now. Tim is planning to build a place to hold the BBQ. Dick & Becky went up the rocks and built a Cairn.

Greenfield Visit Washington, UT - Becky & Dick Cairn (2) 

Next stop is Las Vegas.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


From Pendleton our next stop was the Caldwell Elks. We parked there and drove up to Cascade ID to visit family. Every morning we would walk before breakfast. Here is downtown Caldwell.

Caldwell ID Downtown Walk

They have a nice walk along this canal.

Caldwell ID Downtown Walk 2

We drove up to Cascade the next day to visit with Tami and she took us on a hike up by Blue Lake. The last time we went to hike there we couldn’t get to the lake, too much snow.

The before picture in 2004

Trail to Blue lake

This year was much better

Blue Lake ID Trail- Elevation about 5,000 feet

Elevation 5,000 feet.


It is a beautiful peaceful place.

Tami took us into Cascade to show us the newest attraction, it is a world class Kayaking course.



Doesn’t look very fierce right now but in the spring when the river is high they run pretty fast through here.


Tami and I on the bridge leading over to the island.


Beautiful Osprey waiting for his dinner to pass by.