Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pacific City Thousand Trails Park

An overview. We are in I-13; try to find that! It is green

and in the upper left area.

There are hundreds of these in the park. Cute and looking for a handout.

This was about the warmest nicest day we have ever seen on the Oregon coast.

Our site overlooks the ocean.

Pickle Ball Court looks pretty bad, but plays ok. Rockey and I played.

Bocce Ball Court.

Very nice miniature golf course.

Ocean view from the Family Lodge.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Granddaughter, Ella, same day in the PM and the sun is out.Her 2nd season, 2nd game.

"Let's go girls!"

Nice take away Ella!

Moving the ball down field.

Ready to kick the ball in bounds.

Here it comes.

She's ready to shoot... did she score?

We'll never know ... the battery in grandpa Dick's camera died.

Grandson, Sayer at his 2nd soccer game in pouring rain!

Sayer with his coach. He sure looks ready to go.

Throwing the ball in to team mates.

That's it! Go get it!

He goes down field.

Mom and grandma have big smiles now!

Go Sayer! Get that ball.

Here they go again...

Good game! Hi 5's all around!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Final episode of the Awning Affair...

It has been a struggle, but thanks to good help, it is DONE!!!

We just finished replacing the fabric for the patio awning.

Lexi's Softball Game

Our granddaughter and some of her teammates. Lexi catches, 
pitches, and plays shortstop.

Rogue River Jet Boat Trip

We start with a picnic lunch. Dick's mom won the tickets

for this trip at her local pharmacy. This park is just across

the river from the jet boats.

This is the largest boat in the fleet: 42' long with a 12' beam.

It is powered by 3 454 engines. My GPS  showed us making 

a little over 48 MPH going down the river.

This narrow gap is "Hell's GATE". It wasn't much 

wider than the boat!

Finally we are in "Hell's Canyon".

We saw lots of wildlife too!

Fix your hair, add a little spray and wind, and it 
you have a good time!

First Day of School in Aloha, OR

New clothes, back packs, have we forgotten anything?
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Awning Replacement - Windows First

A few mistakes, a lot of work, and one is done! Not looking forward to doing the big patio awning.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pool with Chuck

My friend Chuck and I join the regulars at Seaside Elk's.

Pickleballers at Seaside

Dick and his wife are from Palm Desert

Neal, a more serious moment!

John and Pat

Don and Sharon

Alan and Toni