Sunday, October 23, 2011


We are on the way to Sunrise RV Resort in Apache Junction. We will be staying there for 3 months. First stop in UT is at Richard & Faye’s place in Plain City.

Richard & Fae Painter visit - Plain City, UT 001

Richard & Fae Painter visit - Plain City, UT 002

Marble counters, Dick loved the kitchen.

We parked in the front of the house and stayed in the guest room as it was very hot while we were there.

Next stop was St George where we stayed at the Elks club. The electric was very low and we ended up running our generator to cool off at night.

St. George Elk's (9)

The scenery is outstanding.

St. George Elk's (6)

Very nice grounds with a war memorial.

St. George Elk's (3)

The club overlooks a golf course.

We are here to visit good friends Tim & Becky and see their new home.

Greenfield Visit Washington, UT

Greenfield Visit Washington, UT - Becky & Tim

Front porch that overlooks the city below. They have a great view of the city lights at night.

Greenfield Visit Washington, UT

This is what the patio looks like now. Tim is planning to build a place to hold the BBQ. Dick & Becky went up the rocks and built a Cairn.

Greenfield Visit Washington, UT - Becky & Dick Cairn (2) 

Next stop is Las Vegas.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


From Pendleton our next stop was the Caldwell Elks. We parked there and drove up to Cascade ID to visit family. Every morning we would walk before breakfast. Here is downtown Caldwell.

Caldwell ID Downtown Walk

They have a nice walk along this canal.

Caldwell ID Downtown Walk 2

We drove up to Cascade the next day to visit with Tami and she took us on a hike up by Blue Lake. The last time we went to hike there we couldn’t get to the lake, too much snow.

The before picture in 2004

Trail to Blue lake

This year was much better

Blue Lake ID Trail- Elevation about 5,000 feet

Elevation 5,000 feet.


It is a beautiful peaceful place.

Tami took us into Cascade to show us the newest attraction, it is a world class Kayaking course.



Doesn’t look very fierce right now but in the spring when the river is high they run pretty fast through here.


Tami and I on the bridge leading over to the island.


Beautiful Osprey waiting for his dinner to pass by.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Pendleton, OR

We stopped in Pendleton for a couple for days to tour the Underground City. We stayed at the Pendleton Elks.

Pendleton Elk's

By Monday we were pretty much alone. There is a riverwalk that ran behind us. It ran from the Rodeo Grounds along the Umatilla River to the east side of town.

Pendleton River Walk (2)

Riverwalk Park

Pendleton River Walk  Dick

A sculpture along the way.

Our Pendleton Underground Tour was very interesting.

Hop Sing’s Laundry

Pendleton Underground Hop Sing's Laundry (2)

Pendleton Underground Jail

The Jail

Underground meat market

The meat market. The actual market was at ground level down underground was where they cut up the meat and got the chickens ready. They would pluck the chickens and save the feathers to sell to make pillows and other bed covers.

Pendleton Underground Meat market Plucking area 

The plucking area.

Pendleton Underground Opium Den

The Chinese had their Opium dens underground and mostly lived there.

During Prohibition they moved the bars underground and called them Speakeasy's.

Pendleton Underground Speak Easy

Above ground in a 4 block area were many bars and brothels. The last brothel closed in 1965.

Pendleton Tour Bordello (1)

We toured a brothel, this was the sitting room. The Madame of this brothel was good to her girls teaching them to read, manage their money.


Next tour was the Pendleton Woolen Mills.

Pendleton Wollen Mills (5)

Dyed wool that is being run through to “comb” it.

Pendleton Wollen Mills (9)

She is threading the yarn onto bobbin like devices.

Pendleton Wollen Mills (14)

The weaving loom.

Pendleton Wollen Mills (11)

To the finished product.

Both were great tours and well worth the stop.